I-Tem Watches Available On United Arab Emirates Amazon Prime www.amazon.ae/i-tem

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The matter of buying watches at the right moment for the right price. Paying full list price for a new watch and still expecting to make a buck is difficult these days on watch brands but we keep improving and expanding to make sure we cover a wide range and are able to provide a lasting quality watch that is worth much more with time.

Dubai has always been our target and the good news as finally surfaced as we open our door to sell and explore the beauty of the land. Exposing our brand to a huge potential. Our joy knows no boundaries as we announce that great news and opportunities Amazon prime has provided.

This good news is that Our Watches are now readily available on United Arab Emirates Market place. Get yourself an I-Tem and wait for it to be delivered in the comfort of your home. Visit today http://www.amazon.ae/i-tem. Amazon prime- Delivered within 1-3 business days.

However, The Wooden Watches I-TW10 Series is yet to be available has more production are been made at this time. STAY TUNED!!!

Thank you all for supporting this great brand.

Amazon prime- Delivered to you within 1-3 business days. Visit www.amazon.ae/i-tem

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