I-Tem watches are valued worldwide for their quality, their performance, and their design. Every I-Tem watch is a masterpiece, and a guarantee of outstanding accuracy. The mechanical features of a I-Tem watch is complemented by an unmistakable aesthetic code. Each and every I-Tem watch makes a bold design statement, highlighting I-Tem innovative spirit to design watches for Men who desire to dress classy at no huge cost.

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If it\’s not I-Tem, it can never be \”Innovation By Temi\”. Everyone on the team is devoted to delivering the best to achieve the finest possible design that will not only serve for the present  but also last along time serving.


Our Mission is to Design and Manufacture time accuracy wristwatches. We have  a great team of smart minds that their main goals is to come up with various design watch series to suit all tastes and desires


To know I-Tem Brand is to know the story of Nigeria’s son, the young tycoon, Temitayo (Temi) Adewuyi, designer, and engineer behind the I-Tem watches. Temitayo is also the CEO of this company, I-Tem Brand LLC.
This young inventor, visionary studied Building Engineering at University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2010.
In 2013, he relocated from Nigeria to the United States.
Adewuyi pursued his passion to invent products that would answer a critical need in the marketplace. Many ideas and products were developed as renderings and potential prototypes. He pitched these product ideas to relevant entities without garnering any interest.
In 2014, Temi began the design and the development of I-Tem trademark and soon began to manufacture watches to end the believe that men can\’t dress classy except they spend fortune on watches.

Temi and his team are focused on the manufacture and design of watches that are well designed and known for functionality at no huge cost for men who desire to dress classy.

The company is staffed with experts to whom building a successful enterprise and creating and manufacturing watches is a passion. Consultants work closely with Adewuyi and his team to explore options, solutions and information related to watch design and development, manufacturing, marketing, and promotion, as well as how to ensure the company achieves her preeminent purpose.

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