The Factory Assemble Process

The Time Sensors I-TW30 series

This I-Tem\’s fashion and classy watch the Time Sensor I-TW30 series are quality Quartz Mov\’t, powered by lasting battery and even if they end up in water, it will still stand the test of time because of the capacity of its water resistant. Read more about the water resistance below.

3Atm/ 30m Water Resistant
The Stainless steel screwed back of watch is seal against the ingress of water. Suitable for everyday use. The ideal water resistant watch against splash and rain but don\’t worry if it mistakenly end up in water for as long as it doesn\’t sit there for the long time


Company Name:- I-Tem Brand LLC

DUNS #:- 08-122-8560

Our Mission is to Design and Manufacture time-accuracy and quality wristwatches for the low incomes who desire to dress classy. We have a great team of smart minds whose main goals is to come up with various design watch series to suit all tastes and desires. We believe if it\’s not I-Tem can never be \”Innovation by Temi\”.
I-Tem (Innovation by Temi) watches are valued worldwide for their quality, their performance, and their design. Every I-Tem watch is a masterpiece, and a guarantee of outstanding accuracy. The mechanical features of a I-Tem watch is complemented by an unmistakable aesthetic code. Each and every I-Tem watch makes a bold design statement, highlighting I-Tem innovative spirit to design watches for Men who desire to dress classy at no huge cost

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360° display of I-Tem Wristwatches
Factory work

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I-Tem Valentine season sales

The I-TW30 watch box production in progress. -A Glossy white paper covered around thick cardboard box with suede interior layout.
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I-TEM Men\’s Red Walnut and Ebony Wooden Watch with All Wood Strap Quartz Analog.

I-TEM Men\’s Red Walnut and Ebony Wooden Watch with All Wood Strap Quartz Analog

As it\’s always known I-Tem Watches are always designed for classy lifestyle. and this I-TW20 Series wooden watch is not an exception.

The men\’s Red Walnut and Ebony wooden watch; the I-TW20C watch comes with a mixture of two wooden materials, Red-Walnut and Ebony wood has the name implies.

Also, these I-TW20C watches are completely made of natural wood, absent of artificial or toxic material. This unique design always looking great, and surely, keep making you stand out from the crowd.

Finally, our wooden watches are handcrafted with sustainable natural wood without paint or chemicals, suitable for people with sensitive skin.