To Know I-Tem is to know the story of an immigrant “Temitayo who came to the United States as a student in February 2013. With a short period of time in class, he dropout from his Architecture master’s program due to finances and was almost homeless in San-Fransisco. He relocated to New York to stay with a family Member. He secured a job and started as a Kitchen Aid in various Restaurants until he worked his way to becoming an Event Manager in one of the restaurants over time.

“Temi” -has often known and called, invented a Wine Dispenser in 2015. He secured a Design Patent for the Design, which is considered a big deal, since it’s an issue for major corporations to secure Patent not to think of a single guy. He could not get the funding he needed to make production but kept pushing through with his innovative spirit; out of which he proposed an Elevator innovative design to Otis Elevators to be implemented in their Elevator design but not considered due to the scarcity of the materials and the Cost involve.

In October 2013, He appeared before a senior officer at the Department of Energy in Washington DC to present his theoretic stage Design of his Suspended Structure project which was actually his major reason for moving to the United States to get it actualized in the Land of opportunity; but also rejected.

After many proposals’ failures and rejections, he decided to consolidate his energy on smaller projects that he will be able to achieve without the need to depend on external party to dictate or  “wash his dream down”. On March 28, 2017, he started I-Tem and by fall of that same year he released his first two watch collection “the I-TW10” and a smart Watch which has long been discontinued due to it’s inferior standard.

Temi work with the best minds home and abroad to ensure quality production and standard. He has since then dedicated his life into creating quality watches which are now sold on many platforms like Walmart and Amazon and are now available in 10 Countries. I-Tem has since expanded to become the Parent Company for two other businesses after.